Iliahi is the Hawaiian word for the useful and versatile sandalwood which once was found in abundance in the forest where Iliahi School now stands. This local product turned out to be a treasure as it commanded high prices in the Orient where it was used for making idols and sacred utensils, fancy boxes and carvings, incense sticks, and for fuel at funeral pyres. It was no wonder that the wood was thought to be so valuable; it takes two hundred years for the wood to become fragrant.

School Motto: E holomua na pua'o Iliahi or Go forward children of Iliahi

School Mascot: dragon

School Colors: Blue and yellow

Nestled in the community of Wahiawa Heights, Iliahi Elementary takes pride in providing a nurturing and challenging learning environment where all students can learn.


Iliahi is a place where:

· Students learn and grow to their fullest potential. (GLO #1)

· Everyone works together to develop the whole child. (GLO’S #2, #5, #6)

· Everyone Inspires, Engages, and is Student centered. (GLO #3)

· Students are learning to accept challenges and persevere. (GLO #1, #3, #4)

MISSION (GLO's #1-6)

Iliahi Elementary School is committed to establishing a strong foundation, encouraging active and creative learning through the support of all stakeholders. We instill in all students the desire to become lifelong learners and problem solvers in the community and global society.


· All students are valued individuals with unique intellectual, physical, social, and emotional needs.

· All students can learn and develop to their fullest potential in a supportive learning environment.

· All stakeholders share in the responsibility for developing the whole child.

· Our commitment to continuous improvement is imperative.


As we implement the Common Core State Standards, the focus will be centered on the student. Our curriculum, instructional program, student support services, professional development, and allocation of resources will all address our school’s priority needs and provide for the academic, physical, emotional, and social growth of our students in regular education, special education, Title I and ELL programs, as well as providing for our preschoolers.


Our students, teachers, and staff of Iliahi Elementary School have adopted the Live Aloha concept as the guiding force in school as we work, teach, learn, and play together. Through this program, Iliahi is making a concerted effort to ensure that aloha is alive and well within the school and community. Letters to parents, bumper stickers, brochures, and posters constantly remind everyone to Live Aloha and emphasize harmony.