Community Engagement


Aloha! This page provides information to stakeholders about our school's finances and operations for School Year 2017-18 via our Academic Plan and Comprehensive Financial Plan. Our School Community Council (SCC), made up of principals, teachers, staff, students, parents, and volunteer community members, helps to craft and approve these plans for the following school year. An election is held annually to set membership on the SCC. If you're interested in joining our SCC, please contact our school's office at 622-6411. Learn more about School Community Councils on the Hawaii DOE website:

Iliahi Elementary School's 2020-21 School Community Council:

Chairperson/Certificated Representative

Normann Olegario


Garett Yukumoto

Certificated Representatives

Lea Ann Kakimoto

Sherri Miyabuchi (Alternate)

Classified Representatives

Guy Shimabukuro

Lynne Murakami (Alternate)

Community Representative

Robert Bunda

Parent Representatives

Kim Anderson

Brittney Caminos-Kekahuna

Student Representative

Tom Yamamoto (Advisor)

Community Meetings

At least twice per year, we will convene meetings for the broader community to provide input on our Academic Plan and Financial Plan. Meetings are held at 3:00 pm in the school library (See dates below)

School Year 2020-2021 Documents

Academic Plan & Financial Plan

Schools publish an Academic Plan and Comprehensive Financial Plan each year to set the goals and priorities for student learning, programs and initiatives, aligned to statements of funding. Our plan was approved on June 8, 2020.

Calendar and Bell Schedule

  • School Calendar
  • Bell Schedule
  • Hawaii's public schools are required by law to implement bell schedules that categorize learning and non-learning minutes of the school day (Act 167 / Act 21), meeting a minimum of 1,080 student hours each year.


An annual snapshot of a school's key progress indicators, including subject achievement, growth, student readiness, school climate, inclusion rate, and more. Learn more about the Strive HI Performance System here.

PRIOR REPORTS: 2017-18 | 2016-17 | 2015-16 | 2014-15 | 2013-14 | 2012-13

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Continuous Notice of Non-Discrimination

The Hawaii State Department of Education (HIDOE) and its schools do not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, age, color, national origin, religion, or disability in its programs and activities. Please direct inquiries regarding HIDOE nondiscrimination policies as follows:

ADA/Section 504 inquiries

Krysti Sukita, ADA/504 Specialist

Civil Rights Compliance Office

Hawaii State Department of Education

P.O. Box 2360

Honolulu, Hawaii 96804

(808) 586-3322 or relay

Title VI, Title IX, and other inquiries

Anne Marie Puglisi, Director

Civil Rights Compliance Office

Hawaii State Department of Education

P.O. Box 2360

Honolulu, Hawaii 96804

(808) 586-3322 or relay